Sunday, September 21, 2008

Angels and Devils

Well, my two boys, O’Reilly and Fraley were adopted on Saturday, which is great for them, but sad for me! I had it in my mind that my little tripod wouldn’t get adopted quickly because if his handicap, but he was just too darn adorable! He’s my favorite so far, but don’t tell the others.

I brought home Sabre and Arrow—two boy kittens, one’s all black, the other is black and white. They are about the same age as the last ones but are HUGE, and don’t even look/act kitten like anymore (strange?!). They were very strange at first, they hid from me, and Arrow was hissing and growling at me and even his brother. He’d even swat at Sabre. Sabre hid in a small box for a few hours. Then they wouldn’t settle down for bed, so I played a game of kicking them out of my room and then letting them back in all night. Meowing from 5am til 7am. Sabre peed on my chair. Scratched on my furniture. Knocked stuff off my desk. Made it more of a mess. Ugh. Finally, I got up and did some work, and then they kind of settled down enough so I went back to bed for a bit.

This afternoon they seemed better, I got them to play with the laser, and they seemed to be taking naps together—although Arrow still seems to enjoy hissing. The previous foster had said something like “this one’s the mean one, I mean, he doesn’t purr”, about Arrow, but I just thought she was just a weird old lady. Maybe she really did mean…the mean one. So, one day at a time. But I have a feeling these two will be a handful, and could be hard to adopt out…which means I could get stuck with them!

Here’s some pictures of my little angels before they left, and new pictures of the little devils I have now…

I hope they found happy homes!



I know the title of my blog is about flycatchers, and all I talk about now are cats--but one of these days I'll get back into the flycatcher stuff. Right now I'm just trying to keep my head above water and get everything done...


anw said...

Maybe the new kitties can sense hostility from you. Maybe they are jealous of how much you miss the Fraley and O'Reilly. Did you think about their feelings?

Johnny Nutcase said...

yes, what Amber said. Give them some time to adjust. I'm sure they can be little angels too.