Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Goodbye 2008

Well, in these last few days of 2008 I decided to...

Buy a plane ticket to Puerto Rico. Now I can go pester my bestest Amber while she conducts her first season of field work as a master's student. Should be a good time. I will go for my spring break--just a week in mid-March. I bet I'll need a break by then. And I'll need an Amber fix to get me through the summer. And its been a while since I did a real trip...I tend to get antsy if I don't travel to new places. Plus, I'll get to see her get bitten by birds with large beaks. And those birds will be lifer's for me.

Buy a new car and drive back to Texas in it. This wasn't really planned. But I wasn't crazy about buying a car on my own in Texas. Plus I'm pretty lazy when it comes to shopping for anything. so car shopping alone would suck. But I needed a new car because Peppermint Patty is over 10 and is not up to the drive to Tahoe again this summer. And I didn't want to drive her home for a lousy trade in. I also heard many of the new cars in Texas got flooded in hurricane IKE. And I wouldn't have been able to get a loan for it without pops so I bought it here (I can afford it, but don't look like I can afford it). So now I have two cars--one in each state. The new one is a Honda Fit. It's blue. Blue blue. And needs a name. Now at least I can take my Christmas presents home and not ship them. Plus, I will likely swing by Nashville and visit with my good friend Jill. Lots of audio books for the drive.

Make an effort to take better care of myself. Spending money isn't the only thing I've been doing. My Real Age from the web site says I'm 25.4, so somehow I'm a tad younger. But I've decided to try and exercise more and eat better in the new year. We'll see how long that lasts. But I've already started making smoothies. Watch out!

Take a trip down memory lane. Along with watching old muppet movies, I looked at some old family photos. One of my great grandfather was from the late 1800s. But I also found ones of me and my sister with our Kid Sister/My Buddy dolls. And, I decided to scan this one, because we were so cute, and actually looked like we liked each other. A few years after this I think we tried to kill each other 108 times. Ha. And look, I'm wearing red. I never wear red.

Some accomplishments from 2008...

Pulling together some kind of a thesis proposal
Surviving two semesters of classes after almost a 3-year break from school
Making it through my first season of field work as a masters student (although not very gracefully)
Learning (sorta) to two-step
Finally making it to the Utah National Parks
Fostering kittens without crying like a baby when I had to give them up
Making a few new friends who I hope will become old friends over time

What does 2009 have in store for me? Who knows...


anw said...

Whoa! I'm going to Puerto Rico too! That's fantastic! I don't have a plane ticket yet though...

Also, I had a kid sister. Awesomeness.

Johnny Nutcase said...

yay! i had a kid sister too. kid sister and me! i wanna go to PR. you are almost in nashville. rad.

anw said...

P.S. Don't think you'll get away without being bitten.

Here's a thought: maybe we could work it out so that your bum finger could be the one to get bitten, so that at least if you lose it, it won't be much of a loss.