Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Travel Bug

One of my goals has been to visit every state. Below is a map of the states I've visited--actually spent some time there. I've driven through a bunch more -- so technically I've been to more. But whats the point if all you see is the road and maybe a gas station?

So my plan (now that I'll be free from the clutches of grad school--soon!!!!) is to hit the road again. At least a little bit. I'll be in Cali all summer, and then I've got a wedding to go to in Michigan (Great Lakes, Isle Royale?), and shortly after I should be headed back home which will give me a chance to finally see the North East. Acadia NP is high on the list because of my other travel goal--to see all of the National Parks. But theres a lot to see in New England.

And I also have high hopes for a trip to Iowa--to see Amber. :-)


Johnny Nutcase said...

I'm so happily happy that you didn't ditch your blog. wheee ! and that we might very likely possibly be within an hour or whatever of eachother for a few months this summer. that's swell.

Lisa said...

Yeah, its nice to be able to look back on this stuff. I recently added like 5 blogs -- going back in time! I just didnt feel like writing for a while. Boo. I had a bunch started but never finished them. I'm kinda excited to write some stuff this summer. Tahoe!

anw said...

:-) Big smile!

Johnny Nutcase said...

Tahoe for me too. wheee! come play with me!