Monday, January 17, 2011


I just wanted to share this amazing photo.

I came across this because of StumbleUpon but you can look at more of David's amazing bird photography here:

  • There are more than 325 hummingbird species in the world. Only 8 species regularly breed in the United States.
  • The average ruby-throated hummingbird weighs 3 grams. In comparison, a nickel weighs 4.5 grams.
  • A hummingbird’s maximum forward flight speed is 30 miles per hour, though the birds can reach up to 60 miles per hour in a dive.
  • An average hummingbird’s heart rate is more than 1,200 beats per minute.
  • The rufous hummingbird has the longest migration of any hummingbird species: +3,000 miles from its nesting grounds in Alaska and Canada to its winter habitat in Mexico.
  • Despite their small size, hummingbirds are one of the most aggressive bird species and will regularly attack jays, crows and hawks that infringe on their territory.

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