Monday, February 7, 2011

Spring Ahead??

Don't you wish sometimes that we could spring ahead to spring?  In Texas I could do that a little easier--winter was shorter!  I know what you are thinking--when I was in Texas I complained about not having seasons.  Well, if I had it my way I'd go back and forth bewteen a long spring and a long fall.  With very short summers and short winters.  And lots of sunlight and blue skies all the time. 

Colors of fall are amazing...but so are the colors of spring.  And the sounds of spring!  To many people the sound of the first mockingbird singing is an annoyance...but not to me.  Today I saw a male Eastern Bluebird singing--a good sign that spring is near!  Plus, the groundhog did not see it's shadow which means spring is on it's way! (According to Punxsutawney Phil anyway.)

We have 40 days before the beginning of spring on March I thought I'd provide a little bit of spring here. I took most of these a few years ago in several different places.

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