Sunday, February 3, 2013

Just a taste of Crossfit couldn't hurt...

I would consider myself a fairly athletic person.  I’ve played soccer most of my life and have been a runner off and on.  But I stuck with what was familiar and safe.  I did not leave my comfort zone.  Running a half marathon was an exception.  And it was the first time I realized that maybe I could actually learn to love exercise.  I used to see those people who ran or exercised daily as the enemy.  How can they have the energy?  How can they find the time?  I could never have arms like Michelle Obama.  I’m just not built for that stuff. 

And then the word Crossfit kept popping up.  A couple friends were doing it.  Bob Harper was doing it.  There were really hot men on the TV doing it. 

So I looked it up, saw the price tag, gasped, and tried not to look at it ever again.

But then a new Crossfit gym opened up right near my house.  And they were offering a month’s worth of beginner classes for half the price.  So I took the plunge.  And I believe I may be addicted.

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