Sunday, July 27, 2008

Bitter about Portland

I've been looking forward to my trip to Portland for the AOU meeting (it's for bird nerds). Usually the meetings are very informative, and this one in particular was going to talk a lot about telemetry and passerines (which I obviously could use). They are also usually lots of fun, if you go with the right people. At first I thought it'd be crazy trying to get everything together for it, but I was given permission and decided it might actually be a good break, and by now the crew can function without me for a few days. Well, it was pulled out from under me. For some reasons it will probably be better. But I'm still bummed, and I had no choice in the matter.

I guess I'll have to go to Portland another time. And while I'm back on my bitter streak, I can't get ferrets because they are illegal in California. CA of all places. That wouldn't matter too much--except that I'd have to smuggle them in for the summer, or give them to someone for the summer (ew). And I also had plans of living in Cali eventually, although maybe thats a dream that will never become reality. At least I no longer have intentions of living in Truckee or near Reno, I think this part of the Sierras has given me all that it can. Maybe So Cal? Who knows...maybe I'll just move back east to deciduous trees, the fast paced lifestyle and stuck up people.

Finally, my finger is still, well, not working properly. Since no doctor seems to no why, I diagnosed it as a flexor tendon injury. And, if it is, I should be given a Google phd, but will probably never bend my finger again, as it should have been operated on 3 weeks ago. I told Amber it was simply a sign, as I will probably never be able to get a ring on my left ring finger...ever...

I promised Amber I'd try to be less depressing with my blogs and would add some pictures. Soon. I hope.

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Johnny Nutcase said...

southern CA? i can't see you there. why not go more NW CA? huh? stil lots of options up there.
or i guess you could always stay in CS. EW!!