Saturday, July 26, 2008

To Rener for ferrets!

That's our word for Reno. The biggest little city in the world. I don't know about its size, but it sure is bright and colorful. And full of strange people.

Our (Amber, Kristin and I) latest trip to Reno allowed me to stuff my face with a juicy delicious steak, yummy steamed veggies, mashed potatoes, and a fruity alcoholic beverage. This was after dropping off dead things on HAMs doorstep, and after cleaning out the white Avenger and returning it to Enterprise. How exciting! At least we still have the dark Avenger..(I said that in a creepy voice).

We then made a trip to PetCo...where the pets go...after a scenic drive around Reno. I hate pet stores. But I'd like to get a little critter or two when I return to Texas -- something to keep me company in my lonely apartment. I really shouldn't get a pet--since I work a lot, like to travel, and can't have pets in Cali at the "field" house here in Truckee. But its not fair! I want something to cuddle. (Yes Id prefer a man, but they don't sell them for very cheap) Heather (who?) tried to help me by giving me a small teddy bear which I loved dearly, until it was molested by a raccoon at the beginning of the summer. I think that was a sign of our dying friendship. Poor Teddy.

I had thought about getting two kittens, since I miss my cats from home. But cats don't travel very well. And other people tend not to like cats (cat haters!) so it could be hard to find someone watch them if I need to travel. I would love a dog, but a dog in an apartment is a bad idea. Exercise with dog would probably be good for me...but not when it rains all day long (seems to happen often in College Station) and I have to take a dog out 3 times. And of course the breeds I like are the ones that are on the hyper side. So maybe I'll save that idea for later. I don't like birds in cages, I like to see them flying. I am allergic to rats. Hamsters are dumb. What does that leave me with?? Ferrets!

So we visited the stinky ferrets in the pet store. But I promise I won't buy them there--I'll get them from a shelter if I really do this. Ferrets would be fun! I could get them hammocks and walk them on a leash and take them on trips and hide them well in a bedroom without too much problem. As long as I'm not allergic to them. My other option is to foster kittens from the feral cat place in CS. You can keep them for a bit but you must give them back. :-( But vacations would no longer be a problem. And maybe having to give up kittens as letting go of things appears to be difficult for me...

I want to name my kittens Willow and Dusky after my birdies. And my ferrets Milton and Martis after some field sites. Yes, I will also have my head examined when I return to CS--for multiple reasons.

We also enjoyed chocolate milkshakes at the Arby's that the crazy skate man frequents--but I think it was past his bedtime.

Oh, and by the way, There Will Be Blood was a weird movie. I don't get it.


Johnny Nutcase said...

Crazy Skate Man is still around?

He's still alive? weird.

and There Will Be Blood is a brilliant movie, but disturbing.

but not as disturbing that CSM (Crazy Skate Man) is still alive. EW.

anw said...

I agree that There Will Be Blood is both disturbing and brilliant. However, we have no actual proof that CSM is still alive. We only went through the drive-through.

g&j said...

We just watched There will be blood and we also through it was weird... what kind of an ending is that?? The same goes for No Country for Old Men.