Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Phoebe is here!

I am now an official foster mommy to a 10 week old black (and some white) kitten named Phoebe. I'm not sure if she was named after the character on friends, or after no partcular thing, but I prefer to think she was named after the black phoebe, the bird. Afterall, take a look at the photos:

She's very adorable, and playful, and was actually pretty good at night -- until she attacked my feet at 6am. I'm very happy to have a playmate for a little bit. If only she could do my homework too.


g+j said...

Awesome kitten. Reminds me of a little Bosley with those big ears (except for the white bikini she's wearing). Good luck with her.

I think you are the only person that would come up with that kind of reasoning for her name. Kind of makes me proud to think I was there to witness the origins of such as spectacular bird nerd (you can probably tell when it's me commenting and not Gina, huh?).

Lisa said...

Stop staring at my kittens chest--she's too young for you! Hehe. And, as for the bird nerd comment, I was taught by the best.

Johnny Nutcase said...

Phoebe is a freaking cutie.