Friday, August 29, 2008

The O'Reilly Factor

The newest addition of the family is O'Reilly, a handsome little orange boy kitten. He was in an accident which left him with an nonfunctional left front leg, so he had an operation on Tuesday, and is getting used his new three legged situation. But, he seems to be getting along well with Phoebe. Shes a little feisty for him, but he does well keeping up. Hes got a strong right hook. Maybe he can help me put her in her place, as she loves to attack me when I'm not paying attention, and I've got the battle wounds to show it! I had just gotten her a little laser light which she loves to chase up the walls.

So, I'm enjoying having my new little buddies around--its nice to have someone to greet me when I come in the door. If all goes as planned, they will both be shown at PetCo next Saturday so that they can hopefully find forever homes.

As for other things, I survived my first week back to classes. Pretty sure this semester will be more challenging than the last one, so no more slacking for me! I've really gotta get my data together and figured out by the end of the semester so I can plan the next one. If only I could find some motivation to do it!

Here's a short video of my babies playing. Its pretty crappy because it was taken with little light.


anw said...

You didn't tell me O' Reilly is a tripod! I guess since you have two kittens now I am doubly jealous!

Johnny Nutcase said...

aww! awww!