Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Upside

Now that I got that bitch session out of the way, I'd like to take the time to write about the things I should be happy about right now.

My crew leaders this season are friends of mine who have returned to the project and have busted their asses to get the work done and do a good job of it. Amber has been my banding and transmitter bitch for weeks because of my stupid broken finger (she's my hero). And Kristin has come back to help me (I begged her) in WV--shes camping pretty much alone in the middle of nowhere and monitoring all of the birds, giving 110% as usual. I don't know what I'd do without them, and I've busted my ass for someone else the past three 3 years and know what its like to not get the recognition for it.

And thanks to all of my friends who have called or written or listened to me vent, or brought me chocolate because I was frustrated or upset this summer. My current situation has turned me into a crazy person and I need to take a step back a realize that, yes, things kind of suck right now, but it will pass, and I'm only making it worse by forgetting all of the good things I have going for me. I'm hoping I can learn from everything, finish my degree, and move on to something new. I need to remember why I'm here and why I'm doing what I'm doing, because it has gotten lost.

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anw said...

I also think you are giving an amazing 110%. And thanks for calling me your bitch. My mom has been reading this and will enjoy that.