Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Post-surgery report and more

Well, the semester is moving along quickly. Already mid-October, and in two months I'll be packing for DE. I was terrified of my first essay exam in years--it took me 3 hours, but I ended up doing well on it. Probably one of the only things that has gone my way in a while...at least that's how it seems. Although I'm not sure the proposal I turned in was worth much. Ha. Oh well. I'll survive.

I'm down to one kitty--Sabre. He and all the other "boring" black kitties are having trouble getting adopted. I don't think they are bad luck--but maybe everyone else does. Here's a (crappy) video of my little cuddle bunny playing with the laser light. This game is very entertaining for me, and tiring for him. Perfect.

In other news, I had finger surgery on Wed. Although I was knocked out and don't remember anything, apparently they cut open the side of my finger and released some tension -- I don't really want to know how they do that. Then they somehow put two pins through my finer and attached a "digit widget". See picture below.

Yup. That is the fantastic update. And no, I don't know how long I'm stuck with this thing--probably a month. I spent all day Wed. in pain taking Vicodin, and all day Thursday dizzy and getting the Vicodin back out of my system...ugh. The pain is a bit better today, and no more narcotics for me. Part of me feels like this is all just on big science experiment for the doctors.

On that positive note, I'm off to bed. But not before showing you one last video of my little man...

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