Monday, October 13, 2008


A group of us from our lab went out to Hurricane Harry's for some two steppin' on Saturday night. It was a good time. I'd been out a couple times before--once in a HUGE dancehall in San Antone on Valentine's last year (I was there for a meeting, not for danicing, but the dancing was much better than the meeting). It was fun, one of the guys taught me how to do it--the basic steps--and I danced with a bunch of guys that night, and the next. The other time we went out for Tim's b-day, and I'm pretty sure Tim and I made history--two Delawarians two-steppin' together in Texas. Ha.

This time was sorta ladies night out, with the exception of Chris, who's wife was nice enough to share him for the evening, hehe. But, there are a lot of guys who just love to dance and they made the rounds asking girls to dance, so we all got our chance. I'm looking forward to getting my finger fixed so that I don't have to either tell the guy that my hand is screwed up and he can't spin me and grab it, or I have to put up with the pain! Some of the cute guys were worth it...haha.

Anyway, it was a lot of fun. Although, I'd like to actually learn more steps and spins, so that I don't look like such a moron everytime.

And for those of you who are slighty confused as to what it is--line dancing and two-stepping are different. Not that I know much about it...but if you are picturing me in a line up with guys in cowboy hats stomping a kicking my heels up, thats line danicng, and although they do a few things like that (think electric slide, Texas style), mostly its just couples danicng, basic steps, and some cool spins. With a really good leader, its pretty easy...couples that are really good are so much fun to watch. Google it.

Surgery on Wed. Ack!


anw said...

I had a dream last night in which we were two-steppin'. Hee hee.

Johnny Nutcase said...

DANCING! they don't let me dance in public.