Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Happy Birthday Johnny!
Another birthday hider. Now I can look back at my blog next year and for the next 75 years and know you and Amber's birthdays.
Ew. Will we be blogging when we are 100 years old? "I'm going to die any day now..."
Wow, that was depressing. Maybe by then they will have anti-aging beer.
I have nothing more to say.


anw said...

how did you figure out johnny's? i'll have to look back on this blog to remember as well, both her's and mine!

Johnny Nutcase said...

thaaaaannnkkkss Leeeesa, thanks!
i give the anti aging beer two (or more) thumbs up. swell idea my friend! i do feel rather old today. i have two prominent grey hairs. and a cold which makes my eyes all red and ugly looking, so i'm feeling great. yay 28. shitballs, i'm old.
and yes, i plan to blog until at least 102.