Thursday, November 13, 2008

Happy Birthday Amber!

You little birthday secret keeper!

Do you want a cat for your b-day, cuz mine is driving me nutso. He just brought me a spoon.

I have nothing more to say.


anw said...

Thank you Lisa. Thank you mucho. I am not a birthday HIDER, I am just not a birthday ADVERTISER. But see, you didn't need me to say found out all my yourself!

anw said...

Oh, and yes please, a Kitty would be nice.

Lisa said...

Yes, because I am your # one stalker. Keeps me on my toes.
Kitty in the mailbox tomorrow.

Johnny Nutcase said...

it's amber's birthday? i hope i get a blog post when it's my may not have much time. mahahah! you don't know when it is!