Sunday, November 9, 2008

My love hate relationship with Facebook

During the summer I realized that I was addicted to facebook so I deleted myself (my profile) for a few days. But not only did I want it back, but no one really noticed that I was gone. What does that tell you??

Facebook has many good and bad aspects to it. It is a great way to get in touch with people you have drifted apart from -- old high school friends and such. But really, if you lost touch with them, there was probably a good reason for it. Its a quick and easy way to keep in touch with current friends, but communication is often not meaningful. And sometimes we find out things about people on facebook that we really did not want to know -- what we don't know won't kill us, but knowing that a "friend" on facebook has deleted you is hurtful.

I hate facebook but I can't seem to get away from it. I found this website:

This site sums everything up much better than I could. Its a bit...extreme...but sadly true:

-You start looking up your friends. You know, those people who sometimes call your name if you’re in viewing range. Once you see their Facebook profile, you add their friends, because shit – you’re FRIENDS too.

-You look up the definition of the word ‘friend’ and realize you are so very wrong.

-You start adding everyone, ever. You try to complete your entire high school by clicking every piece of blue text imaginable. You feel so liberated when that bully that beat you up apologizes 9 years too late. It’s so easy to apologize over the Internet than it is to be a real person and do it in person with some heart and soul.

-You begin to electronically stalk your friends and people you hate. You can’t stop checking their profile on a daily basis. You start to feel nauseous when you’re waiting for their weekend pictures to be posted on Monday. You get butterflies when you start to see their innermost personal life displayed for all to see. You don’t notice you’re a victim too, since there’s no way to track who’s looking at yours.

-You run into someone you Facebook with in real life. They start to tell you about their life and events, but you already know everything. Who needs human contact and conversation anyway? Seems useless, you can barely listen to mp3s while talking at a bar. That Gwen Stefani’s not gonna listen to itself, you know. This person you barely know is now congratulating you on your new job. Seems totally appropriate, seeing as they don’t know what colour your eyes are, or, you know, anything else.

Will I give it up? We shall see. One step at a time.


anw said...

I noticed, Lisa. I noticed.

Johnny Nutcase said...

Lisa! did i not email you or call you , uh, like the second you deleted it? didn't i? yes, i did. and i remember i was pissed! where'd lisa go? it was a very sad time for me.

Johnny Nutcase said...

and, i'm glad i went to a tiny high school with only 42 people in my class so it's easier to justify adding them on facebook. mahahah.

Lisa said...

Ok ok, no one noticed aside from Amber and Jill who stalk me daily.