Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Callin' it quits

I made a decision not to continue work with WIFL in the Sierras again this summer or to switch to work on the Texas projects. It was a hard decision to make--but both my head and my heart said it was time to say no. Actually I could list many reasons why this is the best option for me--even if some part of me still feels like a quitter.

I'm going to miss the project--its hard to let go after 5 years. But its time to move on. And time to start something new--hopefully something that will move me forward in the direction I'd like to go.

This video explains it all. I'm pretty sure she says, "Screw you. I'm leaving."


anw said...

I get it...you're like the cow, and you have to find greener pastures.

Lisa said...

I knew you would understand.