Friday, March 20, 2009

Goodbye Puerto Rico

I know I haven't written much about Puerto Rico, but I had a great time--its just hard to explain in words, better in photos, but best kept in my memory. The birds were awesome, the scenery was beautiful, and most of all, my hostess for the week was the bestest. It was a good break from school work (cept for one work day), and felt good to get outside for some sun and exercise again. But, the best part was just spending time chit chatting and having fun with Amber. It was sad to leave her this morning...but I should see her again in August!

10 invaluable things I learned in Puerto Rico this week:

1. Todies are the most adorable birds in the world.
2. How to microwave brownies in a bowl.
3. Time off, away, and in the great outdoors really is good medicine. (I knew this, but sometimes I forget)
4. How to make meals out of a hodgepodge of leftover veggies and stuff
5. I don’t remember a lick of Spanish from school except “no chicle en la boca!”. But at least it came in handy.
6. That it’s still fun to use “Your mom” jokes.
7. The little bald man (Alfred) inside of me only comes out around Amber.
8. Puerto Ricans drive like maniacs, and I kinda like it.
9. I miss laughing until I cry.
10. There are so many beautiful places and things in the world to see…and so little time to see it all…


anw said...

What an awesome post! I believe I am directly responsible for things learned #2, 4, 7, and 9.

The picture of you on the cliff is sweet.

Anonymous said...